My name is Valentina Pili, art historian and tour guide. While studying at the Foreign Language High School, I fell in love with History of Art, and for this reason I decided to sign up for the Cultural Heritage Course, at the University of Cagliari. I got a degree in History of Art and then I got my PhD degree in History, Cultural Heritage and International Studies. I wrote a dissertation for each degree, both of them about German subjects. I studied in Germany and in this way I could improve my ability and passion for foreign languages. Thereafter, I attended an Italian sign language course, thanks to which I discovered new realities and ways to communicate that were completely different from what I used to know. Following my passion, I decided to set up and manage my own company to organise guided tours about social and cultural contexts in Sardinia, in different languages, to make people understand what I love, what I appreciate, what I have been studying for all these years. I would like to share with you my time and transmit what moves my entire life. I believe that art and culture in general must not have barriers, I think that everyone must be able to appreciate our massive cultural heritage and I deeply believe that art makes everyone better. With my company and my work, I hope to improve the situation for anybody who wants to know more about the beautiful history and art of our territory.


I got a degree in Building Engineering and Architecture and qualified in both professional registers. Since I was a child, I had a clear idea of ​​the goal I would have liked to achieve in adulthood: to work on creativity and styling of the works I design. In fact, from the age of six I started making scale models of houses and later more complex buildings and objects. This path led me to my current job. For about ten years I have been involved in architectural design and conservative restoration of civil, residential and non-residential buildings. I have always been a great fan of new technologies applied to daily life and the professional sphere. Current technologies have allowed me to combine my passion for scale models with 3D graphic representation. My role in TALIS is aimed at creating digitalized contents for guided tours. By means of photographic simulations, 3D representations and the creation of dedicated videos, we try to make the guided tours proposed more immersive than a classic traditional guided tour.


With great enthusiasm we attended a regional competition (P.S.R. 2014-2020 Regione Autonoma della Sardegna), in order to bring to life our original idea that unites art and new technologies. So, after the victory, we created our company: TALIS.
With TALIS we work on tourist industry, realise guided tours in historical, archaeological, artistic and architectural contexts of interest. We believe that our cultural heritage must be accessible to everyone, that’s why we expound the guided tours in Italian, English, German and LIS (Italian Sign Language) too and we try to offer our tours suitable for all people.

TALIS combines our passions and knowledges to shoot drone videos of several sites, to admire the locations from different points of view, which will be shown during the excursions. Furthermore, we are working on creating 3D art duplicates of sites, that can be shown during the guided tours: may these replicas be a support to the visits and also a way to help everyone visualise and appreciate art by touching it.
This introduction means to explain the name of our company: TALIS (TActile + LIS). Its purpose is to make the cultural heritage available to everyone, without discrimination. It would be an honor and a great result if we could, even if just a little bit, in our small way, achieve it.

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