Middle ages along the river Tirso

The tour leads the visitor at the discovery of Middle ages along the banks of the river Tirso, in the territory of the ancient district of Arborea. The church of San Pietro di Zuri, in Ghilarza, is the one and only among the Sardinian Romanesque architecture: it retaines the construction date and the name of the architect who designed it, Anselmo da Como. Furthermore, the church tells an incredible story about its dismantling and reassembly in a beautiful landscape upstream of the basin of the river Tirso. The San Lussorio church is located in the countryside of the village of Fordongianus, long ago it was the strategic city named Forum Traiani, not far from the famous Roman age thermal baths. The church is dedicated to the Sardinian saint who was martyred in the same location, under Diocleziano government and it conserves the crypt with the tomb of the saint. The tour includes the visits to the two churches of Romanesque and Gothic style and the visit to the Roman age thermal baths, managed by Forum Traiani Cooperative.

DURATION About 4 hours

ITINERARY LENGTH About 1 Km (transfer with the car not included)

TOUR TYPE by car

LANGUAGES Italian, German, English, LIS

PRICE Adults 80€, teenagers (10-16 years old) and disabled 26€, children under 10 years free of charge; Archeological area ticket included. Price reductions are applied based on the number of participants


The itinerary is easy but sometimes there are some differences in height and unpaved paths. It is not recommended for people with impaired mobility.

INFORMATION DETAIL The meeting point is in front of the San Pietro di Zuri church, in Ghilarza, then let’s drive with own car to the other village. Under request it is possible to organise the trip from/to the main cities of the island and the lunch in a local restaurant.

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